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Thank you for visiting the Waynesboro Heritage Foun- dation online. We use our website to help further share Waynesboro, Virginia's rich history beyond the Heritage Museum and Plumb House Museum.

Before the first pioneers ever laid eyes on the land that is now Waynesboro, Native Americans thrived in the area even before the first pyramids of Egypt were built.

Almost 350 years ago the first European laid eyes on the wilderness that is now Waynesboro. We have to thank the early explorers for their bravery, determination, and perseverance. For they paved the way for all future generations in this area.

General "Mad Anthony" Wayne was a Revolutionary War General who worked closely with legends such as George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette. It is his name Waynesboro gets its name.

March 2nd, 1865 is the day the war for state's rights and the abolision of slavery came to Waynesboro. By the end of that day much blood would be spilled as two famous generals faced each other in a showdown.

Industry has, for much of Waynesboro's past, been its lifeblood. From stoves to wood mills, the manufacturing of bricks and matches, to tannin extraction, Waynesboro's past is one as an industrial dynamo.